Value Life (Non-Participating)

Value Life (Non-Participating)

It’s that simple. It guarantees low-cost premiums and protection for your whole life.

In this complicated world, there are some things that are simple — like the need to protect our loved ones. Catholic Financial Life’s Value Life Insurance is a Whole Life Insurance plan that is easy to understand, low cost and provides cash value.

Product Information Sheet


Face Amounts

Issue Ages 0-15            Minimum of $25,000
Issue Ages 16-85          Minimum of $15,000

Issue Ages 18-85          Minimum of $15,000

Select/Select+/Select Tobacco
Issue Ages 18-45         Minimum of $100,000
Issue Ages 46-85         Minimum of $50,0001


Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
EFT options are available for all modes of payment

Key Features

  • Guaranteed low premiums, so you can better afford to protect your loved ones with permanent life insurance
  • Guaranteed level premiums, so your payment never increases
  • Guaranteed cash values, so you continue to build cash that you can use in the future
  • Guaranteed protection for your entire life (age 121)

Ideal Client

Someone looking for lifetime protection on a limited budget

  • Income Replacement
  • Supplement Education Funding
  • Business Buy/Sell
  • Retirement and Pension Maximization
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Estate Conservation
  • Charitable Giving

Case Studies

Meet Juan

Meet Juan

Juan’s Background

Age: 33
Income: $55,000
Family: Wife and one-year-old child
Health Status: Average health
Goals: Ensure his family is protected and has enough money if he passes away

Juan’s Story

Juan and his wife Kathy have been married for three years. They recently welcomed their one-year-old son, Tom, into the world.

To ensure his family was protected, he knew he needed to purchase life insurance. Keeping his family in a great home and making sure they could replace his income were Juan’s top priorities but he also wanted to make sure there was a death benefit regardless of when he passed away. With welcoming a newborn into the world, Juan had a limited budget to work with. As he researched different products, he understood the importance of term insurance for larger coverage but was worried about spending too much on Term Life Insurance that only provided coverage for a certain amount of time.

Juan shared this information with his Catholic Financial Life Advisor. His Advisor discussed the benefits of Term Life Insurance for covering large, temporary needs and the importance of Whole Life Insurance for covering permanent needs. His Advisor mentioned the benefits of combining Value Life Insurance with a Term Rider for additional protection. After Juan reviewed the numbers of an individual Term Life Insurance plan or a Value Life Insurance plan with a Term Rider, it made more sense to apply for the combination plan.

Meet Catherine

Meet Catherine

Catherine’s Background

Age: 67
Income: $60,000
Family: Husband and three children
Health Status: Occasional smoker, average health
Goals: Ensure her family has enough money if she passes away to cover funeral costs

Catherine’s Story

Catherine is a 67-year-old recent retiree. When reviewing her finances and organizing important documents, she grew concerned that her three children would need to pay for her funeral/burial out of pocket since she didn’t have any life insurance. She only had group coverage through work that expired when she retired. Catherine reached out to a Catholic Financial Life Advisor and purchased a $25,000 Value Life Insurance policy for less than $90 per month. Her coverage will never decrease and her premium will never increase. Catherine was able to enjoy more of her retirement knowing her kids were financially protected if something were to happen to her.

15-0050-03/23 1Minimums may be met with a $15,000 base and balance of a term rider (Term Rider minimums must be met). Catholic Financial Life is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Products and services are not available in all states. For Producers use only.

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