Term Life

Term Life

If your clients are looking for an easy and affordable way to provide a financial safety net for their families, then this is the product for them.

Catholic Financial Life’s Term Life Insurance provides coverage for 10, 20 or 30 years with level premiums, a death benefit and conversion options.

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Face Amounts

10-Year: Issue Ages 16-75          Minimum of $50,000
20-Year: Issue Ages 16-65          Minimum of $50,000
30-Year: Issue Ages 16-55          Minimum of $50,000

Select/Select+/Select Tobacco
10-Year: Issue Ages 18-45       Minimum of $250,000
10-Year: Issue Ages 46-75       Minimum of $100,000
20-Year: Issue Ages 18-65       Minimum of $250,000
30-Year: Issue Ages 16-65       Minimum of $100,000

10- 20- and 30-Year Premiums

Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
EFT options are available for all modes of payment

Key Features

  • Guaranteed coverage for a specified period of time
  • Option to convert to a Permanent Life Insurance policy
  • Affordable premiums
  • Coverage for temporary needs ex. income replacement, child’s tuition

Ideal Client

Someone looking for a low-cost way to fulfill their short-term life insurance needs, especially when cost is the primary concern

  • Income replacement
  • Supplement Education funding
  • Business Buy or Sell
  • Retirement and Pension Maximization
  • Estate Conversation
  • Charitable Giving

Case Studies

Meet David

Meet David & Samantha

David & Samantha's Background

Age: 32 and 36
Household Income: $100,000
Family: Two children
Health Status: Good health
Goals: Ensure their children were taken care of and their mortgage was covered

David and Samantha’s Story

David and Samantha are in their 30s. They are a dual-income family, with two kids and a beautiful home. They met with their Catholic Financial Life representative, who performed a needs analysis. They discovered they need $1,200,000 in coverage to help protect their income, mortgage and children’s tuition if something were to happen to them. The analysis also revealed the need to decrease their protection over the next 30 years as their mortgage is paid off, the children graduate from college and they get closer to retirement.

Their Catholic Financial Life representative was able to customize a solution using laddered Term Life Insurance policies to provide financial protection for their family at a cost they could afford.


Meet Marco

Meet Marco

Marco’s Background

Age: 23
Income: $45,000
Family: Single
Health Status: Average health
Goals: Ensure his parents have financial protection to cover his student loans

Marco’s Story

Marcos is a recent college graduate with a large sum of student loans. If something were to happen to him, he wants to ensure his parents have enough financial protection to continue paying off his student loans.

Marcos meets with his Catholic Financial Life Advisor to discuss his options. With money being tight as a recent college grad, he selects a 10-year Term Life Insurance plan. This offers affordable premiums and the option to convert to a Permanent Insurance policy down the road.


15-0047-03/23 Catholic Financial Life is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Products and services are not available in all states. 

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