Single Premium Whole Life

Single Premium Whole Life

Are your clients tired of paying monthly premium payments for their life insurance policies? Catholic Financial Life’s Single Premium Whole Life Insurance provides a lifetime of coverage for only one premium payment!

Their policy will have guaranteed cash value that grows over time and is eligible to earn dividends.

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Face Amounts

Issue Ages 0-85                 Minimum of $10,000

Issue Ages 18-85               Minimum of $10,000

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Issue Ages 18-45               Minimum of $100,000*
Issue Ages 46-85              Minimum of $50,000

Ideal Client

Someone who wants to gift a policy to their children or grandchildren, contribute to their favorite charity, consolidate policies or find an alternative for a CD or an annuity.

  • Income Replacement
  • Supplement Education Funding
  • Business Buy/Sell
  • Retirement and Pension Maximization
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Estate Conservation
  • Charitable Giving
  • 1035 Exchange

Key Features

  • Lifetime coverage with only one premium payment, level death benefit through age 121
  • Guaranteed cash value and death benefit
  • Eligible to earn dividends
  • Saves money and maximizes coverage
  • Eligible for accelerated underwriting

Case Studies
Case Studies

Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy

Wendy’s Background

Age: 57
Income: $100,000
Family: Husband, two grown children and three grandchildren
Health Status: Good health
Goals: Lifetime protection with only one premium

Wendy’s Story

Wendy recently retired. Her kids have their own homes, so she and her husband Jerry do not need a whole house to themselves. They decided to downsize and move into a townhouse where they will not have to manage the yard or shovel the snow. The sale of their home allowed for the purchase of the townhouse with some money left over. Ideally, they would want to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. After talking it over, they decided that they would save a portion of the sale proceeds for an emergency fund and use the rest to purchase a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance policy.

Meet Robert

Meet Robert

Robert’s Background

Age: 65
Income: $75,000
Family: Wife, one grown child and one grandchild
Health Status: Average health
Goals: Provide protection for their grandchild

Robert’s Story

Robert and Eileen recently retired and are loving every minute of it. They babysit their only grandchild, Luke, during the week while mom and dad are at work.

Robert and Eileen wanted to ensure Luke was protected no matter what. They decided to meet with their Catholic Financial Life Advisor to discuss their options. They selected a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Policy for this little one that will provide a lifetime of protection for one single premium payment.

15-0052-03/23 *$50,000 minimum will be allowed if converted from GIO. Catholic Financial Life is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Products and services are not available in all states. For Producers use only.

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