Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance

If it’s hard for your client to think about their funeral, imagine how hard it will be for their family to plan without the money to do so. A traditional funeral can easily cost more than $10,0001. Add that to the medical bills and outstanding debt, and your final expenses can quickly add up to $15,000 or more. With Catholic Financial Life’s Final Expense Insurance, your client’s loved ones won’t have to worry about how to pay for their funeral.

Product Information Sheet


Face Amounts

Issue Ages: 50-80

Policy Face Amounts: $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000


Annual, Semi-Annual and Monthly EFT

Ideal Client

Someone looking for a low-cost way to protect their families’ finances if they do not have enough life insurance cover and are over the age of 50.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed Acceptance. Permanent, whole life insurance with guaranteed acceptance for individuals ages 50-80.
  • No Medical Exam. Your client can’t be turned down because of their health. It is a simple application with no health questions or medical exam.
  • Premium Rates. Premiums are locked in when coverage takes effect. Premium rates will not change for the life of the policy.
  • Coverage. Death benefit proceeds can be used for burial, cremation, funeral services, legal fees, probate, medical bills, outstanding bills and more.

Case Studies

Meet James

Meet James

James' Background

Age: 70
Household Income: $40,000
Family: Divorced with three adult children who have families of their own
Goals: Ensure his daughters have enough funds to cover the majority of his funeral costs

James' Story

James divorced years ago and hasn't struggled to manage his finances since then. His life insurance policy was through work but expired when he retired. He has some money saved for retirement but will be relying on social security and his disability income. He is worried that he won't have enough saved for funeral costs and wants to make sure his three daughters aren't burdened with the cost of his funeral. 

James, along with his daughters, purchased a Final Expense Policy. 

Meet Vonnie and John

Meet Vonnie and John

Vonnie and John’s Background

Age: 60 and 64
Income: $125,000
Family: Three children and six young grandchildren
Goals: Ensure her family is protected

Vonnie and John’s Story

Vonnie and John have had a lot of major life changes occurring. They youngest child just got married, they are looking to retire in the next five years and their youngest grandchildren was just born. They have small life insurance policies to cover their mortgage if anything would have happened to them, but they are worried those policies won't be enough to cover all funeral expense and leave a financial legacy for their grandchildren.

They spoke to their Catholic Financial Life Advisor and each purchased a Final Expense Insurance policy from Catholic Financial Life.

15-0049-03/23 Catholic Financial Life is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Products and services are not available in all states. 1 At age 18, $30,000 TLC plans may be converted for additional coverage amounts to a maximum of $60,000.

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