20-Pay Whole Life

20-Pay Whole Life

The coverage lasts, the premiums don’t!

Are your clients looking for guaranteed lifetime coverage without lifetime premiums? Catholic Financial Life’s 20-Pay Whole Life Insurance provides guaranteed coverage, cash value and a premium paid up after 20 years.

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Face Amounts

Issue Ages 0-85                           Minimum of $25,000

Issue Ages 18-85                         Minimum of $25,000

Select/Select+/Select Tobacco
Issue Ages 18-45                         Minimum of $100,000*
Issue Ages 46-85                         Minimum of $50,000**


Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly
EFT options are available for all modes of payment

Key Features

  • Guaranteed level premiums, that are only paid for 20 years
  • Guaranteed cash values, even after premiums are completed
  • Guaranteed protection for your entire life (age 121)
  • Customizable with Term Riders

Ideal Client

Someone looking for lifetime protection

  • Income Replacement
  • Supplement Education Funding
  • Business Buy/Sell
  • Retirement and Pension Maximization
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Estate Conservation
  • Charitable Giving

Case Studies

Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel

Rachel’s Background

Age: 45
Income: $55,000
Family: One child
Health Status: Good health
Goals: Ensure her son is taken care of if she passed away

Rachel’s Story

Rachel just turned 45. She enjoys balancing her teaching career with parenting her eight-year-old son, Mikey. Rachel has been thinking of purchasing life insurance for a while now. She knows she wants to always have coverage in place to cover her funeral and any end-of-life expense. She

also needs to replace her income for Mikey’s benefit if she passed away before she retired. Rachel’s parents recently retired, and she’s heard them talk about having to live on a “fixed income” in retirement and watching their bills. When she talked to her Catholic Financial Life Advisor, she brought up her concerns about bills in retirement. Her Advisor showed her a 20/20 plan — a 20-Pay Whole Life Insurance Plan with a 20-Year Term Rider. The 20-Pay Whole Life Insurance would be her “forever” protection, while the Term Rider would replace her income if she passed away before retirement. Her favorite part is the plan’s premiums would retire when she did.

Meet Brian

Meet Brian

Brian’s Background

Age: 35
Income: $70,000
Family: Wife and one child
Health Status: Average health
Goals: Provide protection for his child without a lifetime of premiums

Brian’s Story

Brian and his wife, Christina, recently got married. A few years later, they welcomed Emma, a precious baby girl into the world. They wanted to ensure Emma was protected without having to pay premiums for her entire life.

Wanting to ensure Emma’s financial future, they called their Catholic Financial Life Advisor. He provided various solutions but the 20-Pay Whole Life Insurance Plan stood out. They loved the idea of the lifetime of coverage without the lifetime of premiums.

15-0051-03/23 *$50,000 minimum will be allowed if converted from GIO. **Minimums may be met with $25,000 of base and the balance of a term rider (Term Rider minimums must be met). Catholic Financial Life is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Products and services are not available in all states.

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